Questions about the improvement approach

The owners will decide what’s going to happen to their homes within the Homeowners Association (HOA). They will appoint a contractor to execute the work. Subsidies from the municipality and detailed Open Map plans will make doing this a great deal easier. A group of active residents, the focus group, will be thinking along throughout the process. 

However, the municipality will also make a number of measures compulsory, which they refer to as ’the basics in order’. These measures need to be put in place to ensure the street is ready for the future. Part of this will be subsidised too, other forms of overdue maintenance will need to be completed before a subsidy can be claimed. A decision hasn’t yet been reached as to exactly which measures this concerns and how the subsidy will be distributed.

Open Kaart will create a basic design for each type of home. So this will generally apply to the entire street. They’ll also be working out various standard options, for example an extension in the garden or an attic renovation. It’s quite comparable to meal packages: you select from the standard options and can then add ingredients yourself. As owners, you will reach a decision together as to which options you do and don’t want to make use of within your HOA. This will subsequently be compiled as your improvement approach. This approach will also include details of what this will mean where your home is concerned. You therefore won’t receive a unique design for your home, but you’ll receive a report which will include specific choices for your home. Would you like to make more changes to your home? Then you also have the option of asking Open Kaart or another architect to think along with you.

The building decree rules state that the basement is not suitable as a living space like a bedroom. Basements are just a little too low and fire safety is a definite risk without adequate measures. The municipality therefore doesn’t encourage combining the basement with the rest of the home and will not provide any subsidy for this.

You don’t need to give up this space in order to be able to use the subsidy if the basement is already included as part of your home. However, you will need to meet a number of requirements:

  • The stairs to the basement must meet the requirements of an escape route. For example, the stairs shouldn’t be too steep or too narrow and must have a handrail.
  • The walls to the remainder of the basement must be fire resistant for 60 minutes. The old storage door doesn’t meet this requirement.
  • The ventilation must be in order; you must be able to open the window.
  • Install a smoke detector and co-detector if you haven’t done so already.

Using the attic as an extra living space is a great opportunity to extend your home. But the same thing applies here too, it must meet the requirements. Open Kaart will work out this option and you’ll be eligible for a subsidy for this too. There’s already a subsidy in place for this within the Combining and Extending programme. You will need an environmental permit in order to execute projects like this. For example, you’ll need to ensure the stairs comply with the building decree and that the attic floor is reinforced.

It’s important to agree with your HOA that the attic will actually become yours. You must have this legally recorded to ensure you can resell your apartment including the attic. You do this by having the deed of division amended. Ask your HOA manager for advice regarding this.

Questions about the subsidy scheme

There will be a subsidy to prepare the homes for the future. This will involve making the homes more sustainable, safe and healthy and improving the facades. Extending homes can also be partially subsidised. More information regarding the exact amount of the subsidies and the conditions will be released during the course of 2023.

No, that’s not possible. The subsidy is available for a specific, yet to be determined, list of measures to improve the home. There will be certain conditions attached to these subsidies, for example in relation to quality requirements. The subsidy amount will probably be made available in the form of a building fund. The money will subsequently be released to you when you submit an invoice from your contractor and the result meets the requirements.

No. The Fazantstraat hasn’t yet been designated for subsidy. Subsidies will not be issued retroactively. However, a number of other subsidies are already in place for extending your home, or for making it more sustainable, either for yourself or as part of a HOA.

 Visit for an overview.

It will probably also be possible to take out a loan in addition to a subsidy, making sure everyone can minimally participate with the compulsory components. This will also become clearer in 2023.

No, the subsidy is allocated for improvements you’ll actually be implementing. You won’t need to repay the subsidy at a later stage if the improvements meet the conditions. But it goes without saying you would need to pay a loan back.

I am a home owner

Contact the other owners within your HOA, as well as your HOA manager. Do you need help with that? VVE-010 can help. Visit

Most measures run via your HOA, so it’s always a good idea to speak to them and work together. There are certainly some elements you can tackle individually, but you need the HOA for subsidies and advice.

I am a Owner-Landlord

Some measures may result in a higher rent being asked, in accordance with the Dwelling Valuation System. You can check whether this is the case for your specific home on the Rental Committee’s website. This includes a questionnaire which will allow you to calculate the maximum reasonable rent.

Yes. The Dutch Municipalities Preferential Rights Act applies to the Fazantstraat. This means you will need to offer the municipality first refusal if you want to sell your home. The purchase price will be determined by an independent appraiser.

No, the subsidy for the Fazantstraat will only take effect once the work has been completed. Subsidies will not be issued retroactively for work that has already been carried out. However, there may be other subsidies which you may still be able to claim.

Yes. The municipality can enforce certain elements. These are elements which need to be tackled with all owners in order to secure the future value of the homes. The municipality can always make overdue maintenance compulsory if this is necessary for the health and safety of the residents.

I am a tenant

Yes, all homes in the Fazantstraat will eventually be improved. This will definitely ensure all the homes will once again be healthy and safe. How fast this process progresses and what is and isn’t included will partly depend on your landlord and the other owners in the HOA.

You can already establish contact with the Rental team now if you feel your home is unhealthy and poorly maintained. You don’t need to wait for this approach to start. After all, the landlord will always need to ensure you can live in a healthy and safe home. The rental team will be happy to be of assistance.

The owner is ultimately responsible for making adjustments to the home. However, you can certainly also express your own ideas and wishes; after all, as a resident you know perfectly well what works and what doesn’t. You can provide details of any such points during the Open Kaart inspection. You can attend the meetings for general improvements to the homes, but you’ll need to contact your landlord for individual wishes for your home.

Questions about the planning

If you want to make use of the subsidy, you won’t be able to proceed until an improvement plan is in place and the subsidy scheme is in force. Then you’ll know which activities are applicable in your HOA, how much of a subsidy is available for this and how much you have to contribute yourself. If you’re already sure about wanting to execute certain elements, then you can start with requesting various quotations.

The subsidy scheme must be approved by the municipal council. The subsidy scheme will be made public as soon as the approval has been received and you, as the owners, will be able to get started. It’s the intention for the subsidy scheme to be presented to the municipal council during the course of 2023.