How can your home be improved? Join us!

We’re making plans together to improve the homes in the Fazantstraat. Read about what’s happening and how you can participate in this newsletter.

What are we doing it for?

The Fazantstraat will stay where it is, it will not be demolished. An excellent reason for looking at the future of the street’s housing. What about energy costs, drafts, mould and noise pollution? As many of the homes look alike, we’ll be making plans together to make the homes more efficient, healthier or larger.

The municipality is currently working on a subsidy scheme. You will know which improvements are feasible for you once this is finished. Ultimately, the owners are jointly responsible for implementing the plans.

Where are we now?

We’ll be working out the various different components this year, which will allow us to provide specific advice for each individual address next year. More will be known about the subsidies by then too. That means a great deal of research and design work will be needed this year.

The official kick-off meeting was held on 22nd March. This is when we got the opportunity to become acquainted with residents, owner-landlords and Home Owner Association managers. Open Kaart has since been busy looking into:

  • how the houses were originally built
  • what the condition of the houses is
  • how homes can be insulated
  • how homes can be enlarged

We’re currently mainly in touch with owner-occupiers, for example via the working group. We will organise another meeting for the entire street once the plans have become somewhat clearer.

What can you expect during the forthcoming period?

Open Kaart is currently carrying out targeted home inspections. You’ll regularly be able to spot us in the street for this purpose. We’re also receiving assistance and advice from several experts.

The municipality is also looking into the foundation of the houses. This will tell us how much extra weight we can place on the houses. They’ll be digging holes in the street in six different places.

We’ll soon have an empty house at our disposal which belongs to the municipality. This house will soon be clearly recognisable. We’ll be more than happy to meet residents from the street here to discuss the plans!

What can I expect as an owner-occupier?

We would like to hear what you think about your home and what’s important to you. Would you like to make an appointment for a home visit? Contact us via and join the focus group, or come along to the meetings during which we’ll be discussing the plans and progress.

What can I expect as a tenant?

We will visit you for an inspection next year. We’d like to hear about what you think could be improved during these visits. Whether or not your home will be improved in the future will depend on the owner’s cooperation. The municipality is doing its best to encourage owners to participate. In the meantime, we’d like to keep you informed via our newsletter and website.