We’re making plans together to improve the homes. Join us!

We’re making plans together to improve the homes in the Fazantstraat. Read about what’s happening and how you can participate in this newsletter.

Street Meeting on 10th December
Would you like to know more about the plans too? There will be another meeting for the entire street during the afternoon of Saturday 10th December. This time the meeting will take place in the Laleli Mosque. Open Kaart will be presenting an interim report of all the ideas which have recently been developed together with residents and experts. This is therefore the perfect time to stay informed about the current state of affairs and to share your ideas. We’ll make sure it’s going to be a fun afternoon for both young and old. An invitation with more information will soon follow by email and post.

So make sure you keep the afternoon of 10th December free!

Frequently asked questions

Many questions are usually also asked during the inspections and meetings. We provide answers to the most frequently asked questions on the project website. Questions like:

  • Who decides what will happen to my home?
  • What will I receive a subsidy for?
  • Can I sleep in the basement?
  • Can I participate without consulting my HOA too?

Visit www.fazantstraataanzet.nl for the answers. Do you have any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll be sure to include the answers to these too.

New: meeting place in the street

The property at Fazantstraat 91a has recently been set up as a meeting place by the municipality. The focus group (residents who actively contribute ideas about the plans), for example, meets here. Open Kaart also likes to make use of it around the home visits. Perhaps we’ll meet each other here one day soon.

You can recognise the home by the estate agent’s sign on the window. The home itself features photographs from both the past and present. You’ll also find examples of facade insulation and the various different plans are discussed here.

So what are the plans all about?

The Fazantstraat will stay where it is, it will not be demolished. An excellent reason for looking at the future of the street’s housing. What about energy costs, drafts, mould and noise pollution? As many of the homes look alike, we’ll be making plans together to make the homes more efficient, healthier or larger.

The homes may look similar, but they’re all different. Open Kaart will visit everyone to inspect the homes. This will give us a better idea of ​​the current condition of the homes. We’ll also ask questions about what you, as residents, feel is important for the future during these home visits.

The municipality is currently working on a subsidy scheme. You’ll know which improvements are feasible for you once this is finished. Ultimately, the owners are jointly responsible for implementing the plans. More information about the subsidy will be announced during the course of 2023.